Covenant Soup Kitchen
220 Valley Street
Willimantic, Connecticut 06226


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Programs and Services

Covenant Soup Kitchen offers breakfast and lunch seven days per week and dinner on Friday evenings, at no charge to its guests.  In addition to meals served in the soup kitchen, bakery items, fresh produce, meats, eggs, dairy products and other foods are offered to guests to take home, when available.

Emergency Food Pantry

The Emergency Food Pantry responds to requests for emergency groceries Monday through Friday from 2-4pm, or by appointment, including Sunday mornings. 

If you are in need of service outside of our usual hours, please call and we will make arrangements to help.

In order to receive food, guests must provide photo ID for anyone over 18 and a birth certificate for anyone under 18 in the household for whom they wish to shop.  Clients will be asked to complete a short intake form.  

In August of 1998,  the Emergency Food Pantry changed to a Guest Choice format.  Each person utilizing the service can choose the foods they prefer from shelves which are organized according to the Federal Government's Food Pyramid.  Since this format was introduced, we have seen a steady increase in the number of individuals and families using the Pantry.  The pantry stocks a variety of non perishable food items, and also offers baby food, formula, baked goods, fresh produce, meat, dairy products, eggs and other perishable foods when available.

Care and Advocacy

Our Care and Advocacy work is multi-faceted, attempting to serve other unmet needs that may arise within our community of Covenant Soup Kitchen guests. 

This program may include referrals to other agencies, assistance in filling out paperwork for employment, healthcare, housing and benefits, use of the telephones, computers, copier and fax machine to conduct necessary business, providing a secure location for USPS mail delivery as well as other activities, which are as varied as the people we serve.

-Health Clinics are offered monthly at our onsite health clinic in coordination with Eastern AHEC and University of Connecticut Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy staff and students.  

-Laundry Vouchers are offered for guests to keep their clothing, school and work uniforms, bedding, etc. clean, when funding is available.

-Personal care items like soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, tampons, pads, incontinence products and first aid supplies are available when donations allow.

-Diapers and baby wipes  may be available when donations allow.  Please call us at 860 423 1643 to see if we have the size you are looking for!

-Emergency clothing like dry socks, hats, gloves, scarves and warm clothing are available when donations allow.  Please ask staff if you are in need of something.

-Pet products including dog and cat food/treats and cat litter may be available if donations allow.  Please check with staff.

Senior Boxes (CSFP or Commodity Supplemental Food Program)

We are very pleased to offer additional nutritious food boxes to our guests aged 60 and over.  With proof of income, address and identification, our Senior guests are eligible for a pre-packed box of canned vegetables, canned fruit, proteins, juice, cereal, pasta, beans, shelf stable milk, peanut butter, rice and sometimes cheese.  For eligible seniors, these boxes are in addition to the self selected food available in our pantry.